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professional gay male dominatrix/dominant

Yep, it's me again, with yet another question about alternative lifestyles! If I'm not careful, I could get a reputation for this sort of thing.

Okay, so the character I'm thinking of is an independent prodom with his own dungeon and charges by the hour--basically like any other independent professional dominatrix, only he's a man who services men. I've searched "gay male prodom" and "professional male dom" and "bdsm independent prodom" and variations thereof, appending -mistress and -XML and such as necessary and have found. . . basically, nothing!

Do these guys exist? If so, how do you find one? I've even looked in the classifieds. Lots of massages, but no prodoms. Am I better off making this guy part of a house, or would that just make it worse? I assume I can take a lot of my cues from this list and this list, but I read somewhere that prodoms might have sex with their clients, which is an important detail. And of course, I'd need to know a lot more about how a session actually goes, but one thing at a time.

Bottom line: Are you a prodom? Know a prodom? Know a website? Know a book? Let me know--and if you'd rather be discreet, you can email or IM me as well (relevant info in my profile).

Edit: IN AMERICA. BECAUSE I SUCK AND SOMETIMES FORGET THAT AMERICA IS NOT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD. orz Anyway, uh, in America, probably San Francisco or Seattle or some other big city with a reasonably large gay male population.
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