A Pissed-Off Giraffe (anythingoes) wrote in little_details,
A Pissed-Off Giraffe

Eyesight and Blushing.

How random can you get? I do try, I do.

Question 1) Is there any evidence or reason to think, or any popular myth, even, that people with different- colored eyes will see things differently? Likesay, if I look at a painting with my green eyes, and my friend looks at it with his brown eyes, are we seeing the same thing, or will there be subtle differences? I've always wondered this... Not for a story, really, but you're all such a brilliant group, I jut had to ask.

And now for the second, which is actually part of a story. This might sound a bit harsh but I don't know any way else to say it. Can black people blush? And how? What would it look like with that skin tone? I've written up to this point things such as "she felt her cheeks go hot" and whatnot, but I've never wanted to write pink cheeks, because I just don't know...

I am sure I thought of one more question just before sleep last night, but don't recall now. When I remember it, I'll post again.

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