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Buying a house/land in Germany

I have a character who needs a large (seven bedrooms or more...he has a rather large family) house in or around Dortmund or Meschede in Germany (some of you might remember me asking about Meschede before...yep, same guy!). I've googled lots of real estate for both cities (though mostly Dortmund because he doesn't particularly want to be in Meschede) but nothing seems to be big enough. So now I'm thinking he could either a) buy a farmhouse somewhere nearby or b) buy land on which to build this house.

Google seems to be failing me on how feasible this is. In the US, it's (relatively) easy to buy land to build your house on, or to buy an existing farmhouse because we have farms and farmland everywhere. But is it the same for Germany? Money is really no object, he's rather independently wealthy.

Alternatively, if houses that big are available in that area (I say Dortmund because the family is familiar with it, but it could be anywhere as long as it's within easy driving distance of Meschede), could someone point me there? I couldn't find anything bigger than four bedrooms.

Edit: Thank you all for your help! I love this community. Everyone is always so wonderful. ♥
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