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Drinking water around an active volcano

NaNoWriMo strikes again.

drinking water around an active volcano
living around an active volcano
ground water around an active volcano

And all I could find was studies of lakes and supplying freshwater in bottles during an emergency.

I have a community in a fantasy setting who live near an active volcano, and by active I mean it is errupting every so many weeks. Thanks to a fluke in the geography, the lava never reaches the city, however I can't figure out how to give them drinking water. Originally they were going to take their water from a spring fed lake, but I've heard from a lot of places that volcanic erruptions tend to mess up the local supply of freshwater when they occur. I thought about maybe saying that my city desalinates the nearby sea water, but the website I looked at said that this process is expensive, so it may be beyond their technological ability (We are talking swords as the main source of weapon here).

How could they go about getting safe drinking water around an active volcano? How far away would a lake or river have to be for it to be safe to drink?

Edit: Would boiling the water from the lake do the trick or would it not be sufficient?

I think I know where I am going with this now. Many hugs *hugs* to everyone who replied. You have all been marvelous. My NaNoWriMo project and I thank you ^_^
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