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Vampires and anatomy

I'm stuck with a key detail in a vampire story. Maybe someone can help me here?

Setting: In a world a lot like ours, with a new-dark-ages-coming-up tech level and the magic level of a low-key urban fantasy.

Situation: Someone knowledgeable in anatomy is instructing a newbie vampire about the best place to drink blood from a human if said human a) should be damaged as little as possible, and b) is aware and consenting.

Question: What does she tell the vampire? She will probably use some technical terms to name parts of the body, and mention the complications of "getting it wrong".

Other concerns: For dramatic reasons I would prefer if the vampire drank from the neck, if that is possible.
There is no immediate healing available (no "licking the wound to close it"). Infection is not a problem.

Looked up: Several sites on medicine and first aid regarding neck wounds and blood loss, wiki'd anatomy of the neck.

ETA: Thank you all! I have a much better idea how to go on now.
Tags: ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my
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