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Small Hick Towns, Blood-smeared time travelers from the 70's, and The Police (the law, not the band)

This one’s kinda doozy, so I’m putting it all under the cut. Quick overview so folks don’t plow through a whole rambly post and end up wasting their time:

-How to ‘build’ a town for a book to be set in
-What would a small hick-town police department be like? How many people? What would they do?
-How would said police handle a blood-soaked individual in hysterics...from the past?

I have tried the NaNo boards with these questions before, but at the time, my ideas were underdeveloped. Thanks in advanced and I apologize for the long read. Some situations just don’t come up in Google.

[Around the Town]
I need some basic kick-start information concerning building an imaginary hickvill-style town as far as novel writing goes. Like what things I need to think up to help build the world a little better. Maps? Council? Local laws? Doctors? Police? What buildings are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for a town to be a town? Should I wing it?

What I already have:
Year– 2007
This town is a small, dusty, sort of town set in Mississippi. It is populated by older folks but does have a small school and some middle aged– young adults as well. I’m thinking it may have one gas station. It is set away from a main highway and a little bit isolated. It doesn’t have something like a Walmart. Comparable to the town in the book Because of Whin-Dixxi or Shiloh. I’m thinking instead of expanding like most towns, folks just moved out. A place with peeling paint where people can sit outside shops in folding chairs next to an electric fan and drink tea from mason jars. I want to say the community is close-knit. Somebody doesn’t know somebody without knowing one of their cousin’s twice removed ect...

[The Fuzz]

In refference to the town described above, what would the police department be like? Would there be officers, a Chief? Secretaries? A jail? How many cars if any cars at all? The crime rate in the town itself is nearly non-existent. Would this make for less people employed at the station?

[Bloody time traveler]

Okay. Backstory time.

My MC is an unfortunate soul who’s just committed a rather messy crime against his own will in a fictional TN town called Westchester,1977 at the age of 27. (Visual/audio hallucination schizophrenic episode with a healthy dose of possession, poor baby) While running from the scene, he ends up tripping through a time portal and winding up in a ‘waiting station dimension’ for an undisclosed amount of time where a few unhappy adventures ensue. Then, he is spat back out in 2007 in the streets of my small hick town in the same state he was in when he entered the waiting station. He has not aged but shows signs of severe starvation.

He is smeared with the blood of a woman who was reported murdered in 1977. He has very few visible cuts on himself that couldn’t possibly be the cause of the mess on his clothing. However he is hysterical and in all, not a happy camper.

Would somebody catch him off the street and drag him to the police/would a policeman take him into custody?
What would they do with him?
What would a man from 1977's wallet contain who had not obtained a driver’s licence?
Would the town distances be far enough for his name (he was reported missing by a boss and his apartment found abandoned with macaroni on the stove) to not match up with somebody who had been missing? Would his non-aging throw them off?
Would they have some possible way of knowing who’s blood it was?
Would they do any tests on the evidence if they couldn’t get much decipherable information out of him?
And if they did get a name, would they do any sort of search for the person he supposedly murdered in the town?
Would they be able to tell that he was mentally ill? (He suffers from schizophrenia)
Where would he be kept?
Would he go to a doctor for the few scrapes?

...this shows how cut off from society I really am. Yeek...

[EDIT: I should add that this is a mirror of our own world and time travel, magic and the like aren't really believed in even though they exist. It's a sort of an unseen/ignored world within our own. ]
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