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Symbols of chaos

I'm writing a fantasy story set in the present day England and I need something that represents chaos or something similar in some religous or spiritual ideology.

I've tried googling variations of: plant chaos mythology, mythology chaos, chaos symbols, animal representations of chaos.

I've found vague mentions of jaguars but that's not really fitting as unless my character was on Bodmin moor (he isn't) a jaguar will just be massively out of place.

EDIT: I'd prefer it to be from ancient mythology be that norse, celtic, egyptian greek etc, I don't mind from where but the character is really old and so I'm looking for something that's more traditional.

Ideally I'd like a plant or animal as it would be more fitting with the character that needs to use it than a symbol scrawled on a wall or something like that, although if that's unavoidable I'll just have to deal with it. It doesn't need to be native to Britain, just something that's of a size that a human could carry about and could hide somewhere in or around an average sized 3 bedroom house.

I'd also like to know how a housekeeper in a well off English household might address her employer (in this case a single young woman). They have a quite friendly relationship, and she acts as a motherly figure in many ways but I'm assuming there'd still be some kind of barrier there. It's in a very well off area (Kensington) and so this is obviously a detail I'd like to get right. She lives in the house (which as far as I'm aware is usually the case) and so would have to answer the door and the phone too, how would she go about referring to her employer then?

I'm from England but I'm painfully working class so a housekeeper is just something that I know very little about. The young woman is being payed for by family and doesn't work at all, she just "socialises" and spends money all over the place. The house was a relatives and she got it when she decided she wanted to move out.

I was just clearing that up so there was no confusion about why a single young woman can afford a 3 bedroomed house in Kensington.

Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated.
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