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New York City neighborhoods

I am looking for information about neighborhoods in NYC but I'm getting a lot of conflicting information on different sites I've found through google - one site says that a neighborhood is safe, another says it's not, and this country mouse is very confused. I'm looking for these things for my modern-day story:

1) A neighborhood where a struggling theater actor would live - not making much money and barely being able to make ends meet even with roomies.

2) A neighborhood where a successful theater actor would live - making good money, having a steady job, hopefully with other theater people nearby, with one roommate to share rent.

3) A neighborhood where a lawyer would live - he's from money but doesn't flaunt it, so a good neighborhood but nothing exceptionally upscale, hopefully something that might awe the person from #2 a little, no roommate.

Any help would be very appreciated!

ETA: THANK YOU ALL FOR THE HELP! :) I have my neighborhoods now.
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