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Smashing people into walls

As someone who has watched far too many "something is wrong with this" superhero scenes and sci-fi movies, I have a question about people being smashed into walls. I ran searches on... anything involving the words wall, smash, impact, surface, and a bunch that I've probably forgotten. I used many configurations, quotes, not quotes, everything. I seem to have been thwarted by figures of speech and often-used words, in that respect.

So, here I am.

There are two guys in my story, both supernaturally strong. Bending or breaking metal type strong. Their muscle/bone density are increased as a result. It's a fairly high-magic fantasy world. At one point, the stronger one injures the other and flings him into a wall.

What would this result in? I haven't decided on wall materials yet, but it's a fantasy setting, in a castle/keep. The guy already has a severely broken right arm. He would probably hit sideways or a little sideways but back-first. The un-broken arm is towards the wall He's wearing full plate armor.

I'm thinking at least the other arm would be cracked or broken, but... well, what about the wall? I don't know what it would take at minimum to damage a stone wall. I know wood a bit better, though it'll be damn solid wood in a castle. If any damage resulted, what would it look like? I have flexibility on the people themselves, considering the magic element, but the nice, mundane wall has me especially baffled. A normal person hitting a wall at a great rate of speed may be good for reference, if you know that much...

I mean, think Superman. He gets hit through many walls. We know he can survive it, but I have no idea of any accuracy of the wall damage. (I doubt there's much, if any.) And would someone with the ability to bend metal be able to propel someone else with similar strength hard enough at a stone wall to damage it? A wooden one, I know, but what would the damage be like? Would he bounce or just fall back after impact?

...I think about things too much, but it's kind of an important scene, and I'd like to get something right in it.
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