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Italian terms of endearment (friendship)

Modern day setting, London UK.

Background: Four boys in a band, age between 19-22, been together for four and a half years and have the tightest friendship imaginable. Eldest band member has a girlfriend whose parents are Italian; family are very much into their culture. Their relationship pre-dates the band. The band lived together for three years, but now own their own homes on the same street. Eldest band member lives with his girlfriend.

I need a term of endearment for the girlfriend to refer to the littlest band member. He is very much the baby of the group, having moved in with the band when he was fifteen, and as such the eldest member and his girlfriend are very much surrogate parents to him. Something along the lines of 'little boy' or 'little one', but not something too babyish. Even something like 'seed'. (and if you can work in a name pun about wanking then that would be even more awesome, cos, yeah. 19)

I also need an affectionate insult; something for her to throw at her boyfriend on nights he insists she goes out the house so he can have a boys night in, and something she can refer to the group as a whole as (bitches, retards, etc) in the same situation. She isn't really mad at them in these situations, which is why it needs to be affectionate.

I searched 'italian terms affection' and 'italian terms endearment', but came up with lots of terms for lovers or biological children, which isn't quite what I'm wanting.

Thank you!

And I totally realised they sound like some kind of soap opera storyline. Except it's a RL band. O_o
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