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Kiki Morah

Keelhauling / Psychopomps

 Hey folks, I've got two very different questions. ^^

First, I'm looking for different psychopomps beliefs, up to the middle of the 18th century. I'm interested in all kinds of religion/myths, but European, Africans and Caribbeans are at the center of my research.
I'm interested in figures like Charon and Phlegyas, who are not really guides, but ferrymen, but what I'm REALLY interested in are myths featuring real guides, like L'Ankou, the Valkyries, Gwynn ap Nuud : where they actually COLLECT the souls of the dead from world of the Living, and take them to the Underworld / Paradise / Wherever.
Any kind of superstitious things (nautical, like Davy Jones) is more than welcome.
I have extensive knowledge about Charon, Plegyas and L'Ankou, but other than these three, my knowledge is wobbly at best, so every bit of inofrmation will be treasured!

Googled : psychopomps, mythological guides, death guide, ferrymen of the underworld ; trolled and theoi; checked wikipedia and others yahoo search engines in three languages.

Second :
I'm wondering about the use of Keelhauling in the Royal Navy in the first half of the 18th Century. Was it *really* used? I know there are traces of use in the Dutch Navy, but what about the Royal Navy? And if yes, what kind of offenses did it punish?
From what I've read, you were unlikely to survive such a thing : being keelhauled meant death. So surely it would only be used for grave offenses, like mutiny or things like that, right?
My question is : if keelhauling was indeed used in the RN (which I'm not sure at all), could it have been used to punish a woman who joined the crew by pretending to be man? Or would the punishment be mere flogging, and then trial when they reach the next town?

Googled : Keelhauling, Royal Navy Punishements, Cruel and Unusual Punishment in the Navy, Women posing as men in the RN; spent a couple of days reading sites like Blinkat and such.

Thank you all in advance!
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), uk: military: historical, ~boats and other things that float, ~folklore (misc), ~religion & mythology (misc)

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