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Trauma and mental health care for US Army

First post -- hope I'm doing it right.

These are more requests for opinions than factual questions, so I haven’t really Googled anything, but if someone has ideas about good things to Google to get this information, that’d be great too. This might seem like pretty stupid questions, but I have no military experience at all (obviously), so I’d love whatever you can tell me.

I have a female character who joined the US Army (modern day) after graduating from high school. I have no idea what her job or rank should be, but I want her to be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan sometime in the past few years, have some ugly/traumatic experiences (preferably related to combat and not sexual assualt), and receive no or inadequate mental health care. (Feeling betrayed and neglected, she eventually turns her back on the Army and the U.S. government and joins a militant group opposed to them.)

What could she do in the Army, assuming that she has no special skills before enlistment? What kinds of situations could she be exposed to? How can I wrangle lousy care afterwards? And, bonus question: are there any skills she’d obtain as part of her time in the Army that would be useful to a violent underground group?
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