Cameo/Hilary (cameoflage) wrote in little_details,

Disease transmission

Setting: Steampunk; some of the technology is more advanced, but for the most part it's equivalent to somewhere around the late 19th century.
Wikipedia was no help; I tried looking up "blood-borne disease", STDs and so forth, but got nothing useful. Google was similar.

Basically, I want lycanthropy to be transmitted via blood and saliva; I was going for a semi-scientific explanation of how it can be spread via bite. However, I don't want it to be transmissible through all bodily fluids; even if I didn't mind turning it into a STD, I'm already planning for it to be possible for werewolves to reproduce with humans, and that obviously wouldn't happen if sexin' the werewolves turned humans into more werewolves. Is it medically possible for that to happen?
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses: infectious (misc), ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my
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