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Scabs :)

Hi there,

To give you a bit of background- I have a character who has just been flogged, not particularly heavily (ten lashes), but enough to leave some pretty serious marks behind- especially as the char weilding the whip is intent on doing as much damage as he can. He's living in a Victorian-ish era, and has started healing without ay significant infection (so no delays in that regard). What I'm trying to figure out is something of a time line in regards to his healing.

Contextually, it's important for two main reasons: the first is a scene in which he has a (fairly physical) fight with his father (about a week/week and a half after the flogging). I assume he would still have the scabs, and that these would, in the course of the fight, open a little. The other scene is the sticker- he is sitting with another character, who is touching the marks- I'm intending it to be about three/four weeks after the initial flogging, maybe even earlier, and am trying to figure out what they would feel like under a persons hand. Would they still be rough (scabbed)? Or by that point would they be at more of the middle ground- not quite healed to scars, but the softer, moister pre-scar tissue (as I understand it to be)? Fortunately or unfortunately, I've never had anything to compare it to, and I also tend to heal quicker than a lot of people, so I haven't got much to go on!

Search wise, I've tried google and Wiki, using variations of the following: flogging, flagellation, scar tissue, wound repair, healing time flogging, how long for scab to fall off, whipping scars etc- all of which got me pretty close, but quite there yet (though my knowledge of BDSM has sucessfully expanded).

Anyone have any ideas? Or a wounded person next to them they could touch for me. Otherwise I think I might have to get out the whip and test it on my husband ;)
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