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Iraq teens

Blah, this is getting annoying! I'm trying to figure out what life is like for the average teenage boy, 16-17, in Iraq, present day. Specifically, I'd like to know how their school systems are, how long they're in class, how classes work, and what they do after school. I need to know which days are school days, and if kids have to have a job, what sort of jobs there are.

I know this is sort of broad, but even a site that might help would be great.

I've googled "schools in Iraq" "teen life in Iraq" "Life for young people in Iraq" "high school in Iraq" and "young males in Iraq".

Nothing has been helpful so far! Thanks for any help you can give.

ETA: I'm sorry if I wasn't very clear, but I'm specifically looking for life in general. I included questions about school assuming some sort of schooling was occurring, but for the most part I'm looking for the typical life of a 16 to 17 year old boy. What does he do for fun? How much time does he have to do what he wants?

Thank you for the info about the school days, though, to everyone that commented!
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