busaikko (busaikko) wrote in little_details,

aphasia without medical treatment

I would like to induce Broca's aphasia in a character. I checked the tags here and have Googled all kinds of things (brain damage, Broca's aphasia, etc.) and am fairly well set on what happens in this day and age.

However, my character will not be able to receive medical treatment (the setting will be early agricultural-level society), and, as I want him to live, I would like to know:

a) how *little* damage would be necessary to cause aphasia, and
b) what the progress of and healing of an *untreated* head injury would be (an approximate timetable would be lovely, if possible, from injury to return to daily life).

I thank you very much! (my character, on the other hand, is calling his travel agent while he still can)
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: head injuries, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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