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Hi, guys. Love this community, have rather hairy (hur hur hur) question.

This is set in and around the Pirates of the Caribbean universe, so roughly in the 17th century, although looking at my history of costume books, it could also fit in the early 18th century. I got the feeling the movie makers weren't very consistent with the styles, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

My question is about wigs, of the short type that the Navy officers wore in the movie. First of all, is there any significance to Norrington wearing a brown wig/his own hair? in the beginning when a Lieutenant and a powdered white one as a Commodore? Is it a historical fashion development, a question of position, or just An Irrelevant Movie Thing?

Secondly, what happened to the real hair under the wig? Was it shorn, or left long? Would a man be seen without a wig, other than by his servants or close family?

If this was discussed before, or if you have any links, could you please point me that way? Thanks lots in advance.
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), caribbean: history, europe: history, ~clothing, ~hygiene & grooming
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