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Plants growing place

This is SUCH a little detail and it's mostly due to my awful memory and my inability to find what's on the tip of my tongue that I have to post.
If it's inappropriate I will delete it but this is driving me nuts.

I have a character who is quite well-to-do, and is essentially living in a world apart from our own but is living in what is an old (victorian/regency) English house.
He has a great affinity with plants and I cannot for the life of me think of the word for a room in the house for keeping tropical plants.
It's something like greenhouse, conservatory or hothouse but I don't know the correct word that would be used by a lover of plants and I'd like to get the terminology right. I know they all mean roughly the same thing but I don't know which a well-to-do very well informed botanist would use.

This is driving me around the bend, anybody could help would be loved forever.

P.S I just remembered (or THINK I do) that Hugo Horton mentions it in The Vicar of Dibley saying that David used some money given to the council to build "that jolly nice [blank]" for their house and I'm almost sure it's the word I'm looking for.
If you don't know the show, ignore that, but it might help somebody help me.
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