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England's stately homes and outbuildings

One of my ongoing Harry Potter fanfics is set among the formerly derelict outbuildings on the Withers estate (Lord Stoddard Withers is one of JKR's chocolate frog card characters, in case you wonder how this family enters the picture.) I've placed the estate itself in SW England, unless someone suggests that it's an unsuitable location for breeding winged horses. The thing that I don't know is where I should locate this type of outbuildings (stables, carriage houses, owlery, granary and so on -- things that should be fairly close at hand, but not close enough to smell or become an eyesore) in relation to the mansion, the park, and the manor gates. This far I've researched the websites of relevant estates (taking as a starting point) but any pictures usually depicts the mansion, and maps are irritatingly vague. I'm mainly hankering for your experiences of visiting places like this, and for suggestions for further searches.
Tags: ~architecture

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