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Thirteenth-Century Ireland

I've just written a short story set in Ireland during the reign of King Edward I (so 1270s-early 1300s - date not specified). Now, I am editing and want to get my facts straight. I have searched not only the Internet (various terms including "medieval Ireland", "medieval Irish history", "kings of Ireland", "languages of Ireland", etc.) but my school's library, but some of these details are obscure/specific enough that I couldn't find much of anything. Thus, I turn to you!

1. Is there a specific translation of the form of address of one of the petty kings of Ireland during this time? I assume that the word used could probably be translated "Your Highness", "Your Lordship" (which, due to a vague reference which is all I have to go on, I am using), or maybe "Your Majesty" or similar, but possibly there really is a specific translation? Alternately, are there reasons I should not use "Lordship"?
2. What large units of measurement would be used in Ireland at this time - miles? Leagues? Would it be different in England?
3. I have found references wherein the Irish seem to refer to the English as "Saxons". What would the English call the Irish? What would the Irish call themselves? (I am avoiding putting actual other languages in here because I would probably sink into hopeless inaccuracy, so translations, please.) Mostly, I'm wondering whether I should be saying "Irish" or "Gaelic" (or possibly "Gaels"). The same goes for the language the Irish are speaking, actually - would one of those terms be a better translation of the word they would use? What would both groups call the countries Ireland and England?

Thank you!
Tags: 1200-1299, ireland: history, ~middle ages

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