Miss V. Chick (sadlikeknives) wrote in little_details,
Miss V. Chick

Handcuffs and Ice Cream

(yet surprisingly, not kinky)

Hi, I'm new here. And I need some help.

Okay, so, here's the set-up. Girl A is handcuffed to Guy B, her left wrist to his right, for perfectly innocent reasons we won't go into right now. Standard handcuffs. They're waiting on Guy C to show up with the key, and they're sharing Guy B's coat, so they're standing her back to his front. Got it so far?

I'm trying to figure out where the handcuffed arms would be. I get that somebody's arm is going to have to be across somebody's body, but I can't decide how would be most comfortable for both of them/least inappropriate--Girl A is like Guy B's little sister. Suggestions would be welcome.

Second question: According to Ben & Jerry's UK website, they sell 500 ml and 106 ml tubs in England. I am utterly, utterly hopeless at metric, so please don't mock me for asking the following stupid question: Which of these is closer to a pint?
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