Jenn (xstandonatablex) wrote in little_details,

Wow, I love this place and even if I'm not using all the details, I sure am learning and getting ideas.

Now, to the point.

I've been toying with the idea of writing a pirate story for a while. I've been fascinated with the story of Anne Bonny, but she wouldn't be the primary character in the story. In the short accounts that I have been able to find of her, it never mentions anything about the child she birthed while she was under her guise as a pirate. I know she was either pregnant or just gave birth to her second child at the time she disappeared. I was hoping that someone might have some information on her first child. Any thing from possible foster parents to if the child ever was named or had gender identified in the histories. The few books that I have been able to find have little to nothing about Anne Bonny herself, and the internet information that I've been able to find has been sketchy at best.

Please delete if the question is too general or not that small of a detail, etc.

Thanks :)
Tags: history (misc)
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