Empress Maeuve (empress_maeuve) wrote in little_details,
Empress Maeuve

Egypt 55BC- Mourning and Dealing with Death

Setting: Egypt 55BC

The Questions:
1.) How would a relatively prosperous family in Lower Egypt mourn the loss of their father if they had no body to bury?
2.) Is there a specific length of time the family would be considered to be "in mourning"?
3.) Just as Americans wear black to signify grief, is there a corresponding color for ancient Egyptians who are in mourning?

Remember I am want references for Egyptian practises in the general time period of 55BC, please.

Search terms used: googled "egyptian mourning" with "rites", "color", and "period" tagged on. Also "Egyptian funeral". Lots of Bible ref. which are not useful for this story. Nothing useful that I could find on Wiki either.

Thank you in advance for any and all help you can give me. :D

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