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What Is Done With the Hair During the Autopsy Process? When Are the Refrigerators Used?

Setting: Ficticious world, reminiscent of modern day America.

I've tried Googling things such as 'morgue + "shave head"', 'morgue + bodies', 'autopsy + hair', and various other combinations of those words, and so far, I've come up with nothing. Hopefully, someone hear can give me a hand.

The specific situation I have is this: one of my characters, a female in her mid-twenties, is shot in the abdomen by police and dies soon after. The next place she is seen is at the morgue, after they've examined her. I was planning to use her hair as a means of identification for the reader without actually saying its her. However, since I don't know much about the autopsy process, I'm not sure whether or not she would still have any hair.

Basically, what I'd like to know is, in the event that a person did not die from a head injury, will their hair still be shaved off during the autopsy?

Also, if this isn't too much trouble, I have an additional question: if the body of the deceased has already been examined, would it still be placed in the autopsy refrigerators rather than sent away for a burial? What if the body in question belonged to a terrorist or other violent criminal?

Edit to add: This is probably a useful bit of information. Say the person in question had rather long hair (shoulder length, perhaps even to mid-back). Would this be a factor at all?

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