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Translation of Latin phrases

As I have absolutely no knowledge of Latin whatsoever, I thought I would ask about this here.

There are a few Latin phrases in a video game that have been bugging me for a while. I was wondering if anyone knew (however roughly) what they might mean, as I would like to use them in a fanfic:

- Ita vero. Lux Veritatis. Luceat eais in materia virentis Ex hostium vi mea vis maior.

- Vires! Vires incrementum! Maxima vires! Levitatis! Occularis! Lamina!

- Volare incipit ab initio ad scopus. Maxima vires ad incrementum.

(The phrase 'Lux Veritatis' is the name of an organisation and as such does not need to be translated :))

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Edit: I found another line of Latin. And oops. I guess context would help a lot :) These phrases are from in-game dialogue, spoken by the character as he is fighting his way through a horde of zombies :p The character in question has psychic abilities, and he wields a glaive as a weapon.

(These phrases are taken verbatim from the game's read me files, so if they contain errors they are the game maker's errors :))
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