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Other meaning for the name Hisoka

This is kind of strange question, brought on by a sudden plot bunny.

Given the peculiarities of the Japanese characters, could it be possible for the name Hisoka to have other meanings? In particular, I'm looking for a way that the name would be written something related to 'light' or 'sun'. How would that be 'written' in kanji (or what Japanese character should be used?).

Doing a google search, I've found know that Hisoka means 'reserved'. I also know Hisoka in Yami no Matsuei has the single kanji for 'secret' in his name, and that Hisoka's name in HunterxHunter is spelled out in Katakana. Somehow, this has me thinking of Hikaru (light; shinning) and of Hiko (sun child).

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~languages: japanese, ~names
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