wyrdite (wyrdite) wrote in little_details,

Tuberculosis and similar

I'm currently writing a short story in which a character dies from untreated tuberculosis. The character is large and quite strong but nowhere near peak physical condition, and is probably also suffering mild malnutrition. After the characteristic blood-streaked phlegm appears, how long before the character becomes too sick to engage in major physical activity, and how long before he dies?

I've googled 'tuberculosis symptom progression', 'viral symptom progression' (and I did find some things there but apparently TB doesn't fit the same patterns) and various combinations of 'tuberculosis' 'symptoms' 'time frame' etc.

Also, can anyone think of any diseases which are known for not being noticed until it's too late to treat? Or that are notoriously hard to treat? I'm mostly focusing on the lungs, but everything helps.

Edit: The character does not have access to modern medicine or anyone with more than basic first-aid knowledge. :3
Tags: ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: illnesses: lung problems
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