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Abdominal Wounds

I'm not sure if this warrants a cut, but better safe than sorry:

I have a character (eighteen year old female) who, in an upcoming scene, is going to suffer from what I assume is a fairly dangerous injury. She is going to be stabbed, through and through, back to front on her left side with a wrought iron stake (above the hips, below the waist). The stake is also going to be removed, which I understand is one of the things 'not to do' when stabbed with anything.

I've googled various combinations of 'abdominal wound' 'stab wound' and suchlike but most of what I come up with are refrences for those with medical degrees, and the ones in plain terms deal with knives and bullet wounds. A stake is significantly wider than a knife blade, not to mention that in this scene it had just been pulled from the ground.
So, the questions:

1. Is she probably going to die? If there's any way, I'd like to avoid this outcome. The time is present day, in America, and there is someone with her who would have a cellphone and an above-average knowledge of what to do in emergency situations. What should he do, besides the obvious calling of the ambulance? (The ambulance can be there as fast as it needs to be for her to survive...suspension of disbelief for something like that is not going to be an issue in this story)

2. What would the recovery time for a wound like this be? Like I said above, it was not exactly a sanitary weapon. What kinds of infection would be likely to occur, if she was taken immediately to a hospital? Any lasting effects to her body, besides a scar? What limitations are doctors likely to place on her as she's recovering? How early would she be allowed to leave the hospital? Would she have to meet with a doctor periodically to check on it?

Thank you so much in advance, you guys have never failed me before! 
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