Em (bluflamingo) wrote in little_details,

Flying form Colorado Springs to Washington

My google-fu has failed me (which is kind of embarrassing to admit when I confess what I'm trying to find out). I need to know if, present day, it's possible to fly from Colorado Springs or somewhere pretty close to Washington DC without changing planes, and if so, which specific airports this would be from. ETA If not, which airport would you be likely to fly from near Colorado Springs, regardless of changes?

I've looked on the websites for various airports near the two places, at different airlines and at travel booking sites. Mostly they seem to agree that it's not possible and there'd be various changes, but some say it is, but seem to be referring to different airports. It's not going to be a massively important plot point, but I'd like to get the detail right, and to name the correct airport, so any help would be much appreciated.
Tags: usa: colorado, usa: washington dc, ~travel: air travel
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