Ivy Adrena (ivyadrena) wrote in little_details,
Ivy Adrena

Medical Student Coursework?

Slightly futuristic modern day world wherein chakra/chi can be used in physical attacks and medical healing (Naruto AU, for anyone that's seen the series).

The roadblock that I keep hitting is this: I know next to nothing about what kind of classes and internships a med student would take and when. The character is supposed to be in her last year or two of college studying forensic medicine (unless I can find something more suitable in that area).

What courses would she feasibly be taking at that time, and would she be interning at a hospital/clinic yet, or do internships (not conducting surgery or anything, but doing more than a candy-striper) at the same time as taking classes?

I searched various college courses as well as googling variations of these terms:
learning forensic medicine, medical students, writing medical students, medical careers, forensic science, forensic students responsibilities classes/courses, etc.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: usa: education: higher education, ~medicine: medical education

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