SERIOUS FEMININE DERANGEMENT (woodburner) wrote in little_details,

19th century carnival/medicine show wagons

Hi all! Last time I posted here I was asking for sources about 19th century traveling carnivals/medicine shows/similar traveling entertainment. I got a lot of super-helpful responses, and though I got pretty busy there and didn't have time to reply to everyone, it was very appreciated!

Right now I have a couple of rather specific question about the same subject - what was it like inside one of those carnival or medicine wagons? For instance, just how cramped was it inside, and what all was likely to be kept in there?

I have looked and looked for anything to give me an idea on this, but I've found next to nothing. Everything seems to detail what shows were like, rather than what daily life was like for the people in the shows.

Also, two other questions I haven't had a lot of luck finding answers on:

In a small traveling magic show with a magician and a few sideshow type attractions, would you be likely to have your own trailer to yourself, if you were the headliner (the magician)? What about anyone else in the show?

And what kind of lighting would such a show be likely to use when preforming in the evening?

Thanks for reading! Any details you could lend me or sources you could point me toward would be most appreciated. :)
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