Mel (op_lattethunder) wrote in little_details,

tattoo artist, AIDS

It has been a couple years since I've written a story and I am disgusted with myself that the only thing that has compelled me hard enough to actually start a new story is a large cash prize... The problem being that the subject matter is horribly cliche and I hate myself for writing it...

Anyway, on with the question, In California, is it lawful for a person with AIDS to be a tattoo artist?

Thank you in advance. I am horribly embarrassed by this story and just hope I can make it work enough to win. After this, I swear to start writing real stories again.

I have already searched Tattoo laws, California tattoo laws and AIDS and tattoos. I haven't come across anything that really fits what I need. Most of these just talk about health risks of getting a tattoo or when a tattoo artist has to pay such and such fee.
Tags: usa: california, usa: government (misc), ~body modification: tattoos

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