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Japanese visitors from the Edo period in England?

Setting: Napoleonic War era with a little fantasy thrown in, Britain and Japan (Edo period, before the Meiji Restoration)

Is it realistic to have a Japanese character in Britain at this time? All the information I've been able to find tells me that Japan was very isolationist at this time, letting in few foreigners except the Dutch, but doesn't say anything about if the citizens themselves were able to travel outside Japan on their own voalition.

Also, in preparation for making this character, does anyone know a website with a large collection of Japanese prints? Something like ArtRenewal for Asian art? Specifically ukiyo-e since I'd like to have as close as possible to the time period to get some idea of how hair and clothing looked.

Search wise, I've read the wikipedia entries on Edo-era Japan and I'm good with resources strictly for Napoleonic War-Britain, but I think the answer I'm looking for may be too obscure for the internet. Or maybe I'm not using the right search terms?
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