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Spanish Bourbon Court Customs

I'm at my wits' end and hoping that someone can help me here. I'm looking for a source that deals with court customs of the Spanish Bourbons. I vaguely remember reading that the court migrated between three principal palaces at different times of the year but I can't seem to find anything about that (including which palaces they were) and every single book or website I've found about Spanish court policies talks about the Hapsburgs. NOT helpful. Also, did the Bourbon kings model themselves after their French cousins with the king's daily levee and other little ceremonies of honor for courtiers? Or, did they basically stick to court customs as they had been established by the Hapsburgs? I'm specifically looking for information that would be relevant to the reign of Carlos IV (1788-1808).

Searches tried: I've searched "spanish bourbon court migration", "spanish royal palace migration", "spanish bourbon court customs", "spanish royal court customs" on Google and I've looked in the few books that my uni library has on the subject which was even more frustrating since they were all written in Spanish. Hours of translation later: still no cigar.

Questions specifically:

What was the Court of the Spanish Bourbons like?
What did it take to be presented at court?
What was that ceremony like?
Did the Spanish Bourbon kings emulate the French Bourbons in the way they controlled the courtiers with levees and other little ceremonies and roles of honor?
When did the court migrate and at what times of the year did it do so?

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated :)
Tags: 1780-1789, 1790-1799, spain: history
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