Tamanna (swingandswirl) wrote in little_details,

High-end, slightly obscure fashion for men

I'm working on a story where one of the main characters is in a relationship with a billionaire. B. the billionaire, enjoys spoiling his boyfriend thoroughly and would gladly give him the best of everything. The boyfriend, C, is a bit of a stubborn cuss about expensive gifts and so wouldn't accept anything that's very high-end brand name, so most of the fashion lines I know (Armani, LV) are out. I've tried googling 'men's fashion high-end' but all the names I come across are pretty recognizable.

So, my question is: what brands (clothing, cologne, watches) are reasonably luxe but not very well-known? Preferably something that a normal person wouldn't recognize but someone in the know (like a fashion columnist) would know immediately.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I've narrowed down the clothing brands (thanks, everyone!)  but I'm still lost on the colognes and watches. Bvlgari? Patek Philippe? Rado? *head explodes*
Tags: ~clothing

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