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No Confidence Vote as applied to large Corporations: USA (Present day)

Searches tried: Non-confidence vote; no confidence vote; corporate no confidence; corporate terminology definitions

I'm writing a Batman divergence AU, and I'm trying to get my facts straight. To give a little background, the fic is a sequel.

In part one, I contrived a scenario in which Batman was arrested, unmasked, suffered a breakdown, and was packed off to Arkham. (I'm glossing over a lot, but let's just say I got him into a situation where he felt that this was what he deserved and therefore had no interest in escaping.)

Now, in part two, I'm getting him out but I'm trying to think of ramifications for Wayne Enterprises. A few years back, there was a Batman mini in which Bruce's board of directors wanted him to resign. When Bruce didn't agree, the CEO said "Don't make us bring a no confidence motion before the shareholders."

Now, while I understand what a no confidence vote means in a parliamentary system (I live in Canada), what does this mean for a corporation? I've been googling, and I did read a few articles about Michael Eisner's ousting from Disney. Informative. But there's one extra detail, here: Bruce Wayne is the majority shareholder of Wayne Enterprises in addition to being the Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer. What would the ramifications of a no confidence vote be in his case? Just public humiliation? Or could any further action be taken by the board and/or shareholders?

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