Kiki Morah (cataglottisme) wrote in little_details,
Kiki Morah

Persephone, unusual origins / characteristics.

Are there sources mentioning Persephone as a truly nasty goddess? One actually ruling the Underworld, not just sitting there while Hades is in charge?
Apollodorus makes Styx her mother (not Demeter), and Homer tends to write her as a terrible goddess, far from the subdued one portrayed by Hesiod. Are there other sources portraying her that way?
I'd like to learn more about that dark side of the Goddess. After all, with a name like that ( "destructive/slayer"), she's bound to have some dark characteristics.
Maybe the Greek belief stemmed from older religions, if yes which ones? Are there myths revolving around a Hell ruled by a woman?

I don't have access to reliable books right now, and Google is just spouting nonsense about paganism and satanism. 
Any kind of help is more than welcome!

ETA : A HUGE 'thank you' to each and every one of you! Your help was wonderful!
Tags: ~religion: ancient greek

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