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Chronic pain associated with movement/ allodynia

Hello, good people of internet land. I come to you in search of a disease.
Well, a side effect of head trauma would do as well, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Basically, I've got a character who's about to get a whole host of intricate maladies related to movement.
A good crack on the back of the head from a car accident ought to damage the occipital lobe enough to get the motion aphasia (inability to see moving objects) I need, but what I'm looking for is something, some sort of damage, that will eventually make any movement at all extremely painful. We're talking the movement of clothing over the body, a light breeze, any sort of motion as something that will induce extreme pain/repugnance for moving objects (which the poor fellow can't see, anyways.)

I've done a bit of digging in my university's libraries researching pain, and I come up with allodynia, the experience of pain from a usually non-painful stimuli, i.e. pain from putting on shoes, wearing clothing, etc. However, I find it's more of a symptom than an actual stand-alone malady. Bummer.
I do some more digging in the full text databases (health and wellness resource center, jstor,) researching allodynia and neuropathic pain, and I come up with a whole bunch of chemical equations, drug maker's confrences, and other impenetrable science type stuff, but nothing I can decipher. Thus, I turn to you, doctor internets.

Might any of you be able to give me the name of some sort of disease/condition which would cause this kind of extreme hypersensitivity? Keep in mind you've got head trauma to work with, as well.

Many thanks!
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