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Sleeping car train routes in Europe

I'm working on a story which requires extensive traveling across Europe in trains with sleeing cars, and I'm searching for the routes they may take. Most of the lists of routes I've found so far are restricted to within a country. How would one take trains with sleeping cars between these places, assuming that's possible:

-Paris, France
-Elbasan, Albania
-far northern Russia, close to the tundra (The location they're seeking isn't near any cities or towns at all, so as close as possible, at least. For purposes of plot, I can stick this mysterious location anywhere depending on where they'd get off the train.)

I highly doubt there would be routes between all these places, so they'd probably end up switching trains quite a bit. And getting off of trains that aren't exactly at the place they want to end up. Closest approximation, at least.

Also, how long would they spend traveling between Point A and Point B? And how long do they typically stop, if they stop? I need to know how long the routes would take.

Railroad operators and train names would also be appreciated, if they can be found.

Thanks for the help!
Tags: europe (misc), ~trains, ~travel: ground & rail

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