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Moorish Granada?

Ok, so I'm doing a big project for a historical fiction class, and I'm having trouble finding a few things I need to write a convincing story.

My story's set at the very end of Boabdil's rule in Granada, inside the palace of Alhambra. My main character is a Spanish spy, handmaiden to one of the royal ladies (which requires more research, but I'm on it.) Anyway, the idea is that she's upper-middle-class, around the age of 18, and Muslim (ish). I need to find what sort of clothes she'd wear. I've found a few sources for garb in the 10th-11th century, but nothing for c. 1490. Which sucks.

Also, I haven't been able to find any sources on day-to-day life in the palace at the time, but I HAVE found a few rumors that there AREN'T any accounts, thanks to Isabel and Ferdinand. So if anybody knows of sources on that sort of thing, I'd be really grateful if you'd show them to me.

Tags: 1400-1499, spain: history, ~clothing, ~middle ages

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