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Foster care; running away; and making a new life (1980s, CA, United States)

A character who has been in foster care runs away. He has no ID, and does not want to be connected to his former life.

a) would his fingerprints be on record (if he entered foster care late 70s/early 80s)?

b) if he were arrested carrying only a false ID (driver's license, making him 18y.o. and giving him a different name) and had no other ID, would that be accepted by the police?

c) then say he decides to straighten out and get a job. He will need a social security number, I assume. The CA Department of Corrections apparently can issue a certificate (in lieu of birth certificate) to verify birth date and 'legal presence requirement' to get a driver's license. (Though in his case he has no 'legal birthdate'--would the CDC just make something up? Use the date on the false ID?) (He does not know where he was born, or when, and has no birth certificate).

d) Name: the name he used would not be the one he grew up with (which he does not ever use). Would he at some point have to have, not a name change, but an official name registration? Would the CDC provide this?

Have Googled (and read): CA state driver's license requirements, how to apply for Social Security Number, CDC, name change in CA....

Thank you for your patience!
Tags: usa: california, usa: government (misc), ~custody & social services

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