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Homicide, suicide, and prison terms

Two quick questions for an original work. I know that the answers might vary from state to state, and at the moment I don't have a state in mind - it could be set in just about any city in America with a shopping mall. (I'm leaning towards Arkansas or Virginia, since I know those areas the best.)

Does anyone know where I can find information in various states (especially the two above but a database for the whole country would be nice) for prison terms for homicide? (I'm about ninety-five percent sure that the situation would warrant a second-degree murder charge - there was no premeditation, and the deed was done out of extreme rage after a particularly nasty revelation, but the killer went after the victim with a knife so there's not much doubt he intended to kill her.) I'm mostly getting irrelevant hits from search engines, so no luck there.
[ETA - Ok, I found a searchable database for Virginia state law - it looks like he'd be getting a five-to-forty-year prison term for murder in the second degree. That helps, but I'd like to find a way to look that up with less digging, if it exists.]

On a similar note, does anyone know where or how I can find information about the legal penalties for attempted suicide? (Not assisted suicide, mind you - attempts by individuals.) Are they ever given prison time? I'd be interested in seeing case data about this subject if nothing else.

Let me know if more information is needed.
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