orthent (orthent) wrote in little_details,

Tatami spirits?

I'm positive that, as a child, I read a story about spirits who protect tatami mats and punish people who mess them up--but I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it. I've Googled various combinations of "tatami + protective + spirits," and combed a very long list of Japanese mythological/folkloric beings and creatures, with no success. Is there anyone who also remembers that story, or who knows what such beings/imps/spirits are called?

(I'm playing with the idea of a somewhat bratty child who wants to see them and deliberately spoils one of the tatami in his room, but he doesn't get to see the spirits--only a very annoyed parent or housekeeper. Also, I'm wondering: how heinous would that be in the scale of childhood misdeeds?)

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