Caitrin Torres (ctorres) wrote in little_details,
Caitrin Torres

Statutory rape in Illinois and California

Illinois has a law that prohibits sex between teachers (and others of authority, I believe) and high school students, even if the student is otherwise of age. I think it falls under statutory rape, although I could be wrong there. The law existed at least as late as the very late '90s, and I can't imagine that it would've been repealed.

What I'm trying to figure out is if California has such a law (and if it was around in 1999, if they do). From what I can tell, there isn't one, but I also haven't been able to prove that the Illinois law does exist when I know it does/did, so I am not confident in my searching.

I've tried googling with various combinations of California(/Illinois), teacher, student, sex, statutory rape, law. Mostly I'm getting news articles and websites expressing outrage about teachers sleeping with underage students, which isn't what I'm looking for.
Tags: usa: california, usa: government (misc), usa: illinois

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