toxictattoo (toxictattoo) wrote in little_details,

Need to know what it's called...if called anything at all

Hi. I was directed here by a friend on my flist for a question I had posted to my personal LJ. Hoping you can help me out, as the flist is drawing as big a blank as I am.

The yin and the yang. We've seen it. Everyone knows what it looks like.

What is the little contrasting dot in the solid colored teardrop half of the yin and yang called? Not what it represents, what it's called.

The closest we've come to is 'seed' or 'seed of change'. I was hoping to have the correct term for it (English or Chinese) so I could correctly refer to it in a fic as something other than 'the little dot'. [grin]

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~languages: chinese, ~religion & mythology (misc)

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