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Speech recovery after emotional trauma

Argh! I give up.

Google terms used: disuse of voice, speech therapy, childhood speech development, speech therapy. Various combinations therein. Never been good with the Google-fu. I ended up with lots of other useful information about childhood speech disorders, speech therapy and speech recovery after strokes, and while some of it was also useful, it's not answering my question.

Setting is Ontario, Canada - 2007. I have an eight year old character who has never spoken. Trauma in his earlier life caused him to lose his voice. Everything else about his physical and mental development is normal. Over the course of the story he finds his voice, but I imagine his vocal chords would be weak or there might be some sort of other damage associated to the disuse.

My question is this: What kind of therapy would he need in order to talk normally again? About how long would this take on average? Is it possible that there would be long-term or permanent damage?

EDIT: Thanks, guys! I think I got all the information I needed, and some other great places to look for more info.
Tags: ~languages (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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