Raven (loneraven) wrote in little_details,

hunting down exact Meera Syal quote

I'm writing something at the moment in the absence of a lot of my books, and right now I'm looking for someone who might have a copy of Meera Syal's novel Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee to hand and be able to hunt down a quote for me.

It's about halfway through the book, at a point where one of the three characters, Chila, is pregnant, and someone makes an acerbic comment along the lines of how her conservative family are doing their best to make her dress in a way that hides her bump - because it "represents incontrovertible proof that she had Done It." (I think that's an exact quote.) Basically, I need a larger chunk of it - basically, the couple of paragraphs surrounding the quote. Can anyone help me out?

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