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British foster care, 1970s-1980s

My main character is a pre-pubescent English boy who, through various catastrophes, has not only lost all of his family but was initially misidentified and placed in foster care; due to conflicts with his caregivers and/or 'personality disorders' he ends up running away and living on the street for a short time. Around age 10 his correct identity is discovered and he is discovered to have a modest inheritance, sufficient to send him to his father's alma mater boarding school. At the school, he makes several friends.

If one of his schoolmates parents' (both professionals) decided to foster him short-term over the summer, how long would it take for them to go through the process of becoming foster parents? Would they process take longer or have any special requirements due to his having been in remand fostering previously, even if he has not had any issues at school? Is it even possible to become a foster parent in order to foster a particular child?

Also: Is there a special sort of fostering other than Remand and Short Break for children with physical and/or emotional problems, over a longer term? I have not seen any reference to it in the UK, although I have in the US.

Search terms used:
Multiple combinations of "Foster Care" "becoming a foster parent" "England" "UK" "Britain"
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