Teh Dino! (dinogrrl) wrote in little_details,
Teh Dino!

museum exhibits, Scotland, 1950's

This is a rather specific question, and beyond sitting down and contacting museums/universities individually and looking through their catalogue information I'm not sure how to get this information (and honestly, for the purposes I'm using this information for it's not worth it to do that). I've tried googling 'Scotland', 'museum', 'mosasaur', 'marine reptile', and various incarnations and combinations of them, but I'm not turning up anything besides Scottish fossils housed in collections elsewhere in the world, or Loch Ness Monster stuff.

I'm trying to find out if there was a museum in Scotland in the 1950's that housed a mounted mosasaur skeleton, or at least had a good number of the bones, in something resembling anatomic order, on display. Or a VERY good, detailed scientific drawing on a mosasaur skeleton.

Bonus points if the museum also had at least a skull (or a good scientific drawing of a skull) of a pliosaur/'short-necked plesiosaur' on display.

Super bonus points if the museum also had a drawing/model of a coelacanth.

Since I'm probably looking for something that doesn't exist, is there a museum that could have housed such specimens back then? As in, I could say 'X Museum had these specimens in the 1950's' and it would sound plausible to most people.

A museum in England or Wales would work as well, but Scotland would be ideal.

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