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Growing up In 19th Century Paris

My characters are two boys, one born in about 1813, the son of a baron, the other born in around 1817, the son of a count. I have some questions about what it would be like to grow up in 19th century Paris.

1. Boarding school: I’ve read that most wealthy French boys of the period would be educated in boarding schools away from home. What would these schools be like? Who would the teachers be, and how would religion be tied into education (would they be Catholic schools?)? At what ages would the boys attend boarding schools? What would classes be like and what would be studied? Would ages be at all mixed in classes or in any sort of recreation? (As in, would it be reasonable for my two characters to meet & become close at boarding school, despite the age difference?) Did the students get summers or holidays off? I’ve tried Googling “19th century France + boarding school + boys” and “19th century France + boys + education” and “19th century France + nobility + education” and “19th century French nobility + education” and “detailed account + boarding school + 19th century France” and various combinations of the above, but I haven’t actually been able to find anything detailed to answer the questions I want.

2. Recreation at home: When students go home for holidays, if they do, what kind of things would children of this rank do for recreation? Would they go out at all? Would they be able to visit one another? I’ve Googled “19th century Parisian nobility + recreation + children” and “19th century Paris + nobility + children + recreation” and so on.

3. College: At what age and for how long would young men attend college during this period? Any random bits of knowledge about college during this period would be appreciated. I’ve Googled “19th century france + upper classes education + college” but most of the results coming up seem to be from modern colleges. I’m not sure how to eliminate that.

4. Titles: When would the children inherit their titles? Would the son of the count be called a viscount all his life, or not until he was older? As for the other, the son of the baron, his father died when he was 2, leaving him as the only heir--would he be called a baron all his life, or only gain that title when he was older?

5. Any random information at all about the topic would be greatly appreciated!

I will love you forever if you can answer some of these questions. Thank you!

(By the way, these questions are for a fan fiction I’m writing. Virtual cookies for you if you can identify the fandom! ^.^)

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